Spending Coupons

Do you want to buy a gift but you cannot choose the size or the model? Not sure if the product arrives on time? Here is a different, cheap and smart way to shop on our Store! 

In fact, our Spending Coupon allows you to get somebody or yourself a gift, always saving 10%. Nice, uh? As if there was a promotion on all year long! 

The purchase is very simple: 

  1. Choose the coupon for the amount you have in mind
  2. BUONO10 At the cashier (check-out) insert the Discount Code: BUONO10
  3. Conclude the purchase by paying 10% less of the value of the Spending Coupon 
  4. After a few seconds, you will receive an email with your code that you can use or print and give to whoever you wish

The use is even simpler:

  1. Place the productsthat you want to buy in the shopping cart and use the coupon at the Cashier (check-out) to pay for them by entering the code in the space provided
  2. And that's it, you're done and you've saved 10%

And the good news doesn't finish here! Working the Spending Coupon same as cash, it can also be used together with promotions and sales, duplicating the benefits and savings! 

What are you waiting for? Get your spending coupon now and start saving!

Available in multiples of 10 € up to 1,000 €

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