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Entdecken Sie unsere neuen Kollektionen




Pillow for Cervical Support in Pure Cotton - My Neck


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The My Neck Pillow is a doctor and therapist-recommended product designed to provide optimal support and comfort for your head, neck, and shoulders, promoting the well-being of your cervical area. This ergonomic pillow is crafted to keep your head and neck stable in a supine position, while offering warmth and comfort for side sleepers, ensuring a restful and rejuvenating sleep experience.

Its unique shape and design offer the best neck support, reducing tension and alleviating spinal and cervical pains caused by incorrect posture during the day. The side wings provide stability for supine sleepers, while the higher sides wrap around for side sleepers, offering warmth and comfort. The slight pressure exerted by the pillow helps relax ligaments, joints, muscles, and nerves, ensuring a soothing and comfortable sleep.

The square stitching on the pillow creates a thermoregulatory action, ensuring a great breathability. Thanks to the practical zipper, you can add or remove filling, customizing the pillow to your needs.
In particular, it is recommended to keep the filling supported in the central area to guarantee the best cervical support for the neck and the benefits for the thoracic and spinal areas offered by the My Neck Pillow for those who sleep in a supine position.

The Pillowcase is made of 100% cotton jersey.

The Pillowcase can be purchased separately.


0,650 kg
Outer padding: 100% polyester hollow fiberfill
Inner padding: 100% HEFEL Vitasan fiber balls
Lining: 50% cotton, 50% polyester with zipper
Covering: none
Weight: 260 gr
Washing: by hand or in the washing machine at 60° on a delicate program
Dryer: Yes