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How to best spend the summer for children and make it an extraordinary experience


Summer is a beautiful period where everyone loves to spend their holidays, doing the activities they like best. Summer for a child means freedom from school, from the commitments of afternoon, freedom to run and play outdoors. Little ones may experience a variety of activities that will be good for them.

Activities to try

Crossing the splashes of water of the garden watering can be a very fun game for children and allows them to move around without obstacles. After their little bath, they can wrap themselves in the Little Fish hooded bathrobe that will allow them to dry quickly. Another activity we recommend for your little ones is to eat a giant slice of watermelon.

To prevent this from dripping juice on the child's body, we recommend the waterproof Little Fish bib which is particularly water resistant.
It is often found that the heat of summer causes children to experience moments of fatigue and lack of appetite. For this reason it is advisable to keep the hydration of children under control and make them drink orange juice, for example. Vitamin C in fact helps build their immunity.

And finally, after the little ones have run and eaten, they just need to rest, accompanied by the fresh Paper Zoo Bed sheet set.

Longer days and the heat are not friends of the child, but to make the environment suitable for his naps, we recommend changing the sheet frequently and adjusting the air conditioning to 18°C-20°C.