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Kids room decor: ideas and tips

Choosing the right furniture for a child's bedroom can pose some challenges, particularly when considering the necessity of creating a functional yet cozy space. With our advice, you'll be able to make the correct choices to create the perfect bedroom.


Safety First

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When furnishing a child's room, prioritizing safety is of utmost importance. Electrical outlets should be positioned high enough to prevent accidental contact by young kids. For toddlers who are beginning to explore their surroundings, it's crucial to ensure that shelves and other furniture are securely anchored to the wall, and that any decorative cabinets or cubes do not pose a hazard.

The choice of wall paints is sometimes underestimated; they should be free from toxic substances.

Furthermore, rugs are an essential element in every child's room, but pay attention to dust and other allergens that can accumulate in their fibers. Therefore, it's advisable to clean them regularly and replace old ones that are more likely to trap dust.


How to organize a functional room

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As previously mentioned, the room must prioritize functionality, striking a balance between areas for hobbies, study, and sleeping. In cases where space is limited, verticality is key.

Loft beds and bridge wardrobe offer excellent solutions to optimize space for rest, clothes organization, and games. Additionally, utilizing suspended storage cubes, shelves, and bookcases favors vertical organization within the room.

Bedside tables should be provided next to the beds, equipped with night lights of moderate brightness. Desks should be sufficiently spacious to accommodate books, notebooks, and computers, ideally with built-in shelves to keep essentials within easy reach.

The hobby area holds particular importance, especially for younger kids. A dedicated space for toys can feature a soft rug and small tents to create a cozy sanctuary. Special containers for toys are essential for maintaining order and organization.


The best colors for the room

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The wall color is what gives the room its character and sets the overall style to which the furniture should then adapt. Colors should also be chosen according to the kids’ age.

For infants and toddlers, soft or neutral colors are recommended as they promote sleep and tranquility. Consequently, bedding should also feature similar shades.

For older kids, you can be more adventurous with bright colors, considering their preferences, but without overdoing it. A room with too many different colors can feel cluttered and overwhelming.

A word of caution when choosing colors is to opt for neutral shades that can be easily covered without much effort, and instead focus on the decor and the bedding. White walls can be complemented with brightly colored sheets and duvet covers that reflect children's tastes.