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What colors are best for the bedroom?

The bedroom stands out as the space in the house that, more than any other, should evoke feelings of relaxation, peace, and tranquility. It serves as the sanctuary where we recharge our energy and rejuvenate after a potentially stressful day.

The level of comfort in the sleeping environment is influenced by various factors, including the functionality of the furniture, the amount of light, and the overall spaciousness of the bedroom. However, an equally significant role is played by the colors that convey specific emotions and moods that inevitably impact the quality of our sleep.

Let's explore the best colors to incorporate into the bedroom, considering everything from wall colors to furnishings, and not forgetting the bedding.


What color therapy suggests

Scientific studies have revealed that specific colors can trigger an increase in blood pressure and heart rate, while others have a calming effect. Interior designers and advertisers, stylists and make-up artists are well aware of the ability of colors to unconsciously and immediately arouse certain emotions, and they use them in the best way to convey a message.

Given that individuals often have their preferred colors, let's briefly explore the significance that color therapy attributes to the main colors.

  • Red: a powerful and intense color, red is associated with fire and has always been linked to love and passion. Color therapy attributes energy and vitality to red.
  • Yellow: evoking the rational and intellectual aspects of the brain, yellow stimulates concentration and thinking.
  • Blue: as the color of the sea and sky, blue serves as a calming agent, capable of reducing heartbeats and blood pressure in contrast to red.
  • Orange: optimistic and energizing, orange stimulates creativity and imagination, serving as a "stress reliever."
  • Green: a symbol of nature par excellence, green represents harmony, balance, renewal, rebirth, and hope.
  • Purple: associated with spirituality and the connection with the divine, purple is also considered the color of philosophy. It stimulates intellectual thought and concentration.
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What to pay attention to

When selecting bedroom colors, two crucial factors to consider are balance and decorating style.

Maintaining visual balance is essential, involving the thoughtful coordination of colors and the use of nuanced tones that complement walls, furniture, and bedding.

Furthermore, the furniture style plays a significant role, as each style comes with its distinctive materials and colors. For instance, a modern-style bedroom typically features different colors compared to a shabby chic style, where pink and white might dominate.

The combination of white and blue immediately evokes the typical style of seaside homes. On the other hand, brown and orange, particularly when paired with gold, steer the aesthetic towards a classic or ethnic style.

In summary, the choice of bedroom colors heavily relies on the desired effect and stylistic preference. While there's no prohibition against painting the walls entirely in red or black, it may not achieve the goal of creating a visually streamlined and relaxing environment. In this context, bedding remains an excellent strategy, allowing you to introduce a refined touch of color without jeopardizing the overall "chromatic peace" of the space.

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