Aleppo and Jasmine Flowers Liquid Soap - Tadé

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Size: Soap 500ml

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Aleppo and Jasmine Flowers Liquid Soap (500ml) - Tadé

  • Authentic ultra concentrated Aleppo soap, 98% natural, of exceptional delicacy, rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins, excellent for the hygiene of delicate and irritated skins.
    Pleasant, rich, slightly foaming, does not dry the skin.
    100% natural, artisan Jasmine perfume.

    Tadè has chosen to entrust the manufacture of liquid soap to the last French Soap Master who works according to the process of artisanal saponification in the boiler.
    The product is worked according to our recipe of Aleppo soap and presented in liquid form, based on original raw materials (olive oil, oil of bay laurel, soda, potash), without detergents or sulfates (SLS, Texapon,Laureth).
    Saponification of the traditional cauldron, discontinuous, oil, noble and natural olive oil, enriched with laurel oil during cooking.

  • Suitable for the whole family, to be used daily on the whole body and face, on the skin or on the wet glove.
    Suitable for everyday use on face and body, purifies the epidermis, protects and helps to maintain proper hydration

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