Aleppo and Jasmine Flowers Soap - Tadé

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Aleppo and Jasmine Soap 100g - Tadé

  • Our soap bars are produced by grinding this original soap imported from Aleppo.
    They are modeled in Upper Provence by a saponier heir to the authentic artisan know-how and characterized by a new packaging attractive and of great impact.
    Authentic Aleppo soap for daily care, suitable for fragile and difficult skins.
    It does not contain allergens.
    100% natural.
    Protects and respects the delicate equilibrium of the skin due to the virtues unmatched of the oils of olive and laurel, melamine fragrance with elegant Jasmine flowers, obtained at Aleppo by saponification discontinuous in the boiler, according to the ancient method.
    Based on olive pomace oil and Bay berries, it is perfumed at the end of saponification.
    Rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, unsaponifiable and vitamins, it is the soap of the East hammam par excellence.
    It is perfect for the daily cleansing of normal or irritable skin and for intimate hygiene.
    Respects the balance of all skin types, carrying out an effective but delicate cleansing action.

  • Small size with rounded edges, more pleasant, practical.
    Daily use, for face and body.
    For all skin types – normal, sensitive or delicate.

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