Aleppo and Olive flowers Hand Cream - Tadé

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Size: Hand Cream 75ml

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Aleppo and Olive flowers Hand Cream (75ml) - Tadé

  • Hydration, comfort and softness for the hands.
    Rich cream, made from shea butter enriched with bio oils.
    Respects the hydrolipidic film of the skin, softens, smoothes, smells and protects it.
    Enriched by the bordered, Noble, captivating note of the Olive flower.

    For the manufacture of massage oils and creams for the hands, we have chosen the specialist in natural cosmetics, whose skills have enabled us to develop innovative recipes in collaboration with artisans and local producers, respect for the quality of their work and in the interest of trade fair and lasting.
    Always faithful to the spirit of Aleppo, at the level of both the ingredients in the composition (olive oil, Laurel oil) and the chosen fragrances (Damascus rose, orange flowers).
    They are presented in performant packaging and intended to enhance them.

    Particularly appreciated to help maintain the softness and youthful freshness of the hands, as well as the elasticity and tonicity of the epidermis.
    It helps to protect hands that, due to the environmental stress of everyday life, are damaged, dry, irritated.
    Effective and carefully selected, its ingredients are rich in antioxidants, trace elements, essential fatty acids, vitamins.

  • Easily stretches with light massages.
    a small quantity applied with care every morning after the cleansing effectively preserves the right hydration and grain of the skin of the hands that is firmed, protected and soothed.

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