Aleppo Beauty Water with Rose Flowers - Tadé

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Size: Scented Water 240ml

Aleppo Beauty Water with Rose Flowers (240ml) - Tadé

  • Water of natural beauty and skinning to the delicate scent of the East, with an exquisite fragrance of rose flowers, sweet and light.
    100% natural, for normal or hypersensitive skin.
    Invigorating, cleansing, Cleansing Water.

    As a refreshing lotion from day to day, it offers a sweet awakening, cleans the skin of face and body.
    In the evening, applied with soothing massages, softens, relaxes, relaxes.
    Also perfect as a skunk.
    A few drops on the pillow for a good night.
    With the warmth of the skin, Aleppo's Beauty Water will reveal its olfactory fullness.
    Also suitable for perfume laundry.
    To be kept cool.

  • Applied with the fingertips or a cotton disc, it gently smells the face and body.
    refreshes and relaxes the skin with delicacy; it stimulates the normal skins.

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