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Aleppo Dry Oil with Orange Flowers - Tadé

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Size: Dry Oil 150ml

Aleppo Dry Oil (150ml) - Tadé

  • Body oil to orange flowers.
    Special features of oils is their richness of vitamins, nutrients and anti-age components that help the skin to be more elastic, soft and above all not to lose in tonicity.

    For the manufacture of massage oils and creams for hands, Tadé, has chosen the specialist in natural cosmetics, whose skills have allowed us to develop innovative recipes in collaboration with artisans and local producers, respect for the quality of their work and in the interest of trade fair and lasting.
    Always faithful to the spirit of Aleppo, at the level of both the ingredients in the composition (olive oil, Laurel oil) and the chosen fragrances (Damascus rose, orange flowers).
    They are presented in performant packaging and intended to enhance them.

    Formulation based on grape seed oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E.
    It protects and protects dry and atopic skins.
    The exquisite scent of orange adds to your charm a touch of attractive seduction.

  • A few drops in the water of a perfumed bath, to soften the skin.
    its velvety sweetness protects the face and makes it smooth. After bathing, apply the oil on the fingers, on a crepe glove or on a handful of desert salts and carry out circular massages all over the body.

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