Aleppo Pumice Stone Degreaser - Tadé

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Size: Soap 250g

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Aleppo Pumice Stone Degreaser (250g) - Tadé

  • The only black Aleppo degreasing soap with pumice stone.
    Beautiful black bronze color.
    Precious ally, inside and outside the house, to clean with a professional power even the most adherent dirt.
    Born from the fire of the volcanoes of the Near East, the black pumice stone, more wrinkled, is used to erase the most unwanted dirt, like fat and oil.

    Without palm oil, only bay leaves and pure olive leaves.
    No additives, completely biodegradable, ecological, economical.
    Hypoallergenic, perfectly tolerated by the skin, even fragile.
    Release a good smell of clean.

  • Effective exfoliation through fine grains of pulverized volcanic stone.
    Created to erase any stain of rebel fat.

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