Aleppo Shampoo - Tadé

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Aleppo Shampoo (300ml) - Tadé

  • Handmade Shampoo of pure vegetable Aleppo: olive oils and organic bay leaves, superior quality.
    It respects perfectly the scalp and hair, to which it gives shine and volume.
    Ideal for curly hair and short hair, suitable for normal, fragile or irritable skin.

    Elaborated according to the ancient method.
    Superior quality olive oils and bay leaves do not contain allergens or sulphates.
    Nourishes, hydrates, respects the scalp.
    Produced in Aleppo according to the ancestral method.
    +98,5% of natural ingredients.
    Ideal treatment for curly hair and short hair.

  • Once or twice a week, brush the hair, then apply to the scalp and massage without rubbing.
    insist on the back of the head.
    wet to obtain a foam, then massage.
    bring the foam towards the tips little by little.
    rinse with care.
    avoid eye contact.

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