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Aleppo Shaving Soap - Tadé

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Shaving Soap for delicate skin (100g) - Tadé

  • Authentic Aleppo surgras shaving soap for delicate, irritated or hypersensitive skin.

    Long-lasting soap produces a rich foam for perfect shaving.

    Perfect for taming and dominating even the most rebellious beards, softens and smoothes the skin even if very frail.

    Also excellent for preventing shaving irritation.

    High quality Surgras (olive oil with the addition of bay leaf oil), rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

    100% natural.

    Also available in the variant "Soap Kit + Shaving Brush".

  • carefully moisten your face with hot water.
    then pour a minimum amount of soap on the shaving brush, also well wet, to obtain a nice soft foam, rich, pleasantly fragrant with bay leaves.
    a thin layer of lubricating soap will form quickly: at this point the skin is ready for shaving.
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