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Aleppo Soap laundry Liquid Detergent - Tadé

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Size: Soap 1L

Aleppo Soap laundry Liquid Detergent (1L) - Tadé

  • 99,5% natural laundry detergent, ECOCERT certified, with biodegradable ingredients, does not contain dyes, solvents, conservatives.
    Delicate plant scent of eucalyptus with woody notes and honey.

    99,2% Natural, ECOCERT certificate

    The products and the creations Tadé, are made according to the traditional soap of Aleppo and the art of the bathroom to the east, with the know-how of the Mediterranean (Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia...) in collaboration with artisans and local producers, respect for the quality of their work and in the interest of trade fair and lasting.

    Concentrate: 25 washings.
    Soap-rich Formula: 15% soap with 8% authentic Aleppo soap, cooked in the cauldron in a batch method, rich in active components.
    Naturally smoothing and softening.
    Totally tolerated by the skin even by the most fragile and irritable.

  • Washing machine or hand.
    1 to 2 Stoppers of detergent in the washing machine or directly on the laundry. Excellent results from 30 ° C.
    No need for fabric softener.
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