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Aleppo Soap Laurel 20% 200g - Tadé

  • Pure olive enriched by 20% Laurel oil, rich in unsaponifiable, authentic soap for skin care.

    This soap is produced by grinding original raw material imported directly from Aleppo.
    It is modeled in Provence by a Mater soap maker guardian of the authentic artisan know-how and modernized by a current packaging, attractive and of great charm.
    Worked according to the ancient savoir-faire, respects the balance of healthy skins and helps to improve problematic skins.
    100% natural, has its miraculous cosmetic properties of olive oil, which softens, protects and treats the skin and the laurel oil, rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants and unsaponifiables, which give life to your scalp, your face, and your skin, whether normal, sensitive or problematic.

    Aleppo remains today The Last City in which the production of this authentic “bay leaf soap” is perpetuated, known since ancient times for its cosmetic virtues.
    Its fame comes from 3 peculiarities: exclusive presence of olive oil and bay leaves, cooking in a boiler and 9 months drying on the ground.

  • authentic "green gold" of the East, this soap is suitable for both bathroom and intimate hygiene, as well as a valuable ally for skin care, which cleanses to perfection.
    Anti natural mite.
    to be used directly on wet skin or using a glove.

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