Alum Stone Deodorant - Tadé

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Alum Stone (100g) - Tadé

  • Potassium alum: an authentic deodorant, natural and safe.
    The pharmacopoeias of Ancient Egypt already praised the hemostatic and antiseptic properties of natural alum.
    Authentic 100% mineral panacea, this translucent stone is non-toxic, practical, biodegradable, without allergens, it is suitable for all skin types.
    Extracted from potassium alum quarries, it is a natural deodorant used for centuries.

    When wet, the stone lays a thin layer of salt that limits the development of odors and allows the skin to breathe naturally.
    To be stored dry.
    Hemostatic, the stone blocks the bleeding of small cuts, as well as soothing post-shave and post-depilation irritation.
    He doesn't stain his underwear.
    Very cheap.
    To be stored in a dry place.

  • one application per day, in the morning, guarantees 24 hours of tranquility

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