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Size: 150x180

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Anti-Stain Tablecloth in resin-coated cotton - L'isola che non c'era

  • Wonderful Anti-Stain Cotton Tablecloth in resin-coated cotton. Any type of liquid remains on the surface and does not stain the fabric. However, the special resin coating leaves the fabric extremely soft. You simply clean it with a wet cloth and you do not need to wash it. Provided that, you can still wash it in the washing machine up to 40°C.

    Available in 6 sizes

  • The Anti-Stain Tablecloth has the following sizes:

    Rectangular- 150x180cm

    Rectangular- 150x220cm

    Rectangular- 150x270cm

    Rectangular- 150x320cm

    Round- Diameter 150cm

    Square- 150x150cm

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