Argan Bio Aleppo Soap for Scrub - Tadé

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Argan Bio Aleppo Soap 100g - Tadé

  • Soap with olive oil, bay leaf and argan, particularly rich in active ingredients.
    Enriched with apricot stone powder for perfect exfoliation.
    Authentic Aleppo soap with olive and Bay oil cooked in the cauldron, with the addition of organic argan oil.
    Argan bio Oil, with its beautiful amber color and fruity smell, is one of the most appreciated oils for its cosmetic properties.
    Rich in vitamins, essential fatty acids (omega 6 and 9) and antioxidants, this oil is a concentrate of active ingredients scientifically recognized.
    Its exceptional moisturizing properties make it an authentic beauty serum.
    It promotes the right hydration, softness, the juvenile freshness of the epidermis, and helps protect it from external aggression.
    Revitalizes mature skin, helps soothe fragile, irritated skin.

  • Small size with rounded edges, more pleasant, practical.
    Daily use, for face and body.
    For all skin types – normal, sensitive or delicate.

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