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Bath Towel with Linen Frill - Montecarlo

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Color: Lead green (Rayong)
Lead green (Rayong)
Beige (Beach)
Rope (Damar)
Light Grey (Ostrica)
Dark Grey (Antracite)
Light Blue (Polonia)
Air Force Blue (Denim)
Blue (Positano)
Pink (Incenso)
Lavender (Radon)
Yellow (Bergame)
Light Green (Irish)
Brown (Riccio)

Bath Towel with Linen Frill - Lisola

Bath Towel in terrycloth cotton with a row linen hem. 

The terrycloth is full-bodied, it weighs 530 gr/mand it is highly absorbent and extremely tender. 

The bath towel size is: 150x100

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It is available in 15 colours:

Lead Green (Rayong), White, Cream, Beige (Beach), Rope (Damar), Light Grey (Ostrica), Dark Grey (Antracite), Light Blue (Polonia), Air Force Blue (Denim), Blue (Positano), Pink (Incenso), Lavender (Radon), Yellow (Bergame), Light Green (Irish), Brown (Riccio)