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Cinelli Gold Duvet - 4 Seasons

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Size: 155 x 215 (Single Long)


The Gold Warm Duvet - 4 Seasons is made of 100% Hungaria-goose-down-pillown Pure Goose Down, that is the best possible quality and the most valuable part of the goose, not to be confused with the feather, which is of much less noble quality. This duvet is composed of one light layer (2 heat points) and one intermediate layer (3 heat points), which can be joined through the appropriate cufflinks (included), to form the ideal Gold Duvet for the winter season (5 heat points).

Due to its great flexibiliy, this duvet allows you to meet all your needs throughout the whole year.

It is available in the following sizes and related weights:



155 x 215

0,330 + 0,400

200 x 215

0,430 + 0,515

250 x 215

0,540 + 0,645

FILLING POWER 750cuin Very Good/Excellent

Feather: 100% Hungaria-goose-down-pillown Pure Goose Down white colour, class 1, EN 12934
Fabric: 100% saten cotton 60/80
Quilting: fixed squares. Each square is quilted individually to guarantee an optimal distribution of the feather, even in the washing machine. 
Washing: It is washable at water up to 60 ° C with a delicate program 

Are you looking for a different size? This product can also be tailor made.

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Nomite is an international certification, awarded after rigorous scientific tests and analyzes. Nomite certified products are specifically suitable for people allergic to household dust. Also, they are anti-mite and antiasthmatic. 


Oeko-tex is a tissue-related certification that identifies the tissue itself as hypoallergenic, without treatments with substances harmful to health, suitable for contact with sensitive skin. 

codice di protezione degli animali

The Austrian company Kauffmann adheres to the animal protection code, guaranteeing the origin of the feather and the respect of the animals. 

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