Daunex Tirolo Duvet - 4 Seasons

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Size: 200 x 220 (Single XL Extra Long)

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TheTirolo Duvet - 4 Seasons is made of 100% white European goose down, the most precious part of the goose, not to be confused with the feather, which is of much less noble quality. This duvet is composed of one light layer (2 heat points) and one intermediate layer (3 heat points), which could be joined through the cufflinks,to form the Perfect Tirolo Duvet for very cold temperaures (5 heat point).
Due to its great flexibiliy, this duvet allows you to meet all your needs throughout the whole year. 

It is available in the following sizes and related weights:



155 x 200

0,310 + 0,490

200 x 200

0,400 + 0,600

250 x 200

0,500 + 0,750

FILLING POWER 700 medium/good

Are you looking for a different size? This product can also be tailor made.
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This goose down duvet is manufactured with closed-squared quilting with internal spacer taped seams, in order it not to lose any feather. Moreover, each square inside is well insulated from the others through a seam on each of the sides.

High quality Italian product, no harmful substances have been used in the various stages of the processing.


Our duvets have been made in full respect of the animals, thanks to the use of feather and down coming exclusively from certified farms, which ensures the absence of mistreatment of geese.
As for the upholstery in cotton bats, this duvet has the trademark Ö-kotex standard 100, the most important ecological mark in the world in the field of textiles.

Products with the Ö-kotex brand have been analyzed by one of the international research and testing institutes in the field of textile ecology. A duvet with this brand has guaranteed no harm to human health.


Washing Machine:
  • Do not use chlorine-based bleaches, the feather will be irreparably damaged
  • Use the program at 30 °, max 40 °.
  • Set the washing machine for synthetic fibers or cotton.
  • Do not expose to direct sources of heat - radiator, sun, etc.
Hand wash:
  • Use warm water and mild soap, perhaps in the bathtub.
  • Rinse thoroughly until at least 7 times. Clear water must come out of the quilt.
  • Dry in a warm and dry place.
  • Shake and beat each square of the product to facilitate drying
  • Do not expose to direct sources of heat: radiator, sun, etc.

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