Eco-friendly Wall Roe Deer - Rene'

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Eco-friendly Wall Roe Deer - Miho

  • Beautiful element of surrendering in environmentally friendly fiberboard. His trompe-l'œil style, inspired by the artist of the early twentieth century Renè Magritte, gives character and originality to every room in which it is exhibited.

    Trompe-l'oeil is a pictorial style that induces the observer to look at real and three-dimensional objects, actually painted on a two-dimensional surface.

    The Rene roe deer is distinguished by the tree-like horns that give the object a particular style.

    The size of the kidney roe deer are: 34x25x22cm

    Easy to mount and hang on the wall, without the need of any tools or glue.

    Miho Unexpected Things was born in 2010 from an ambitious project completely Italian with the aim of bringing something new to the market.
    With the launch of eco-friendly trophies and decorative birdhouses, packed in eye-catching packaging, the goal is soon achieved.
    Year after year the collection grows and enriches, as well as the number of fans.
    Today Miho Unexpected Things Sells in over 60 countries at some of the most exclusive stores in the world.

  • The deer head size:

    Base: 34cm

    Height: 25cm

    Depth: 22cm

    Material: Medium Density Fibreboard

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