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Goose Down and Duvet Feather Pillow - Perla

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Goose down and Duvet Feather Pillow: 30% down feather and 70% Goose down - Cinelli

This beautiful Pillow due to its padding, composed of 30% duvet feather and 70% goose down, is a soft but compact pillow, ideal for supporting the head in any position, particularly suitable for those who sleep supine or from the side.

This pillow is particularly high, 20 cm, and if you normally sleep on your side or on your back, you will need a pillow that fills the space between your head and back or shoulders, so that your neck does not have to undergo abnormal bending in the night course

So the head and neck will have the necessary support so that the whole body relaxes completely.

Sizes: 50x80x20cm

Weight: 1000 gr

Degree Ridigity: Medium/Soft 

Padding: 30% duvet feather, 70% goose down.

The Cinelli pillow is packaged with a white perimeter webbing. The fabric with which it is covered is 100% Oeko-tex cotton



Nomite is an international certification that is awarded after rigorous scientific tests and analyzes. The Nomite certified products are particularly suitable for people who are allergic to domestic dust, they are anti-mite and anti-asthmaticfiducia_tessile

Oeko-tex it is a certification of the fabric that identifies it as hypoallergenic, without treatments with substances harmful to health, suitable for contact with sensitive skin.

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