Goose Down Topper - Ortisei

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Size: 125x195 (Single XL)

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Would you like to sleep in a cloud? With this Topper you will be able to make your dream come true!

Fantastic down mattress cover with padding composed of 90% silver goose downand of 10% small feathers. A padded mattress cover gives you all the pleasure and softness of the goose down combined with the practical functionality of protection and insulation of your mattress. The mattress cover protects your mattress from mites, stains and wear.

Easy to wash with water.

Sleeping with the addition of the Ortisei topper enhances the pleasure of sleep, as it makes the mattress softer and it cuddles you in a tender hug.

It is available in the following sizes and related weights:

90 x 195 1,100
125 x 195 1,550
170 x 195 2,000
Packaged: fixed square with elastic at the corners. Fabric: Cambric 70 ca.130 gr / mq - Certified Oeko Tex, fabric free from harmful chemicals.