Heart shaped Aleppo and Rose Flowers Soap with Karite Bio - Tadé

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Size: Soap 200g

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Heart shaped Aleppo and Rose Flowers Soap with Karite Bio 200g - Tadé

  • Heart-shaped soap with the sweet scent of Rose, with an attractive shape, and a seductive ivory color, perfect as refined and elegant gifts.
    Like all soaps, Aleppo Soap Co., this olive oil soap and laurel noble is saponified in a cauldron in a discontinuous, according to the ancestral method of Aleppo.
    But in this case, to offer excellence, it is enriched with bio karitè butter.

    All of these ingredients, rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, give this soap surgras, the shape that fits the palm of the hand, its extraordinary cosmetic properties, to ensure a soft skin, from hydration ideal.

  • treatment soap to be used morning and evening on the whole body and on all skin types – normal or dry, easily irritable, reactive, fragile.

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