Hook - Cacoon/Lullio

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Steel Hook - Cacoon World

  • It is very easy to hang your Cacoon in ceiling beams or any other type of wooden structure, and more. But before anchoring your Cacoon, make sure that the branch, the beam or the bracket can support your weight and that of any friends you want to use the Cacoon with. Our eyebolt is suitable for hanging your Cacoon on concrete, lightweight concrete, natural stone, solid bricks, hollow bricks, hollow blocks, wood, etc.

  • Diameter 12 mm - lenght 120 mm - Ring 23 mm. In fixing on wood, make a pilot hole of suitable size in the center of the beam, then screw the eyebolt to it. If it is covered with plaster, first locate the edges of the beam using nails or an upright detector. Then fix the eyebolt exactly in the center.

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