Ixxi Almond Blossom Van Gogh

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Size: 100 x 80 cm

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Almond Blossom Van Gogh - Ixxi

  • © Van Gogh Museum

    By far, the best seller of Ixxi: 'Almond Blossom'. It brings colour in every environment and it is definitely the protagonist of the Ixxi collection. The Flowered Almond was one of Van Gogh's favorite subjects: large flowering branches that stand out against a perfect blue sky. The almond flower symbolizes a new life. Do you also want to breathe some new life in your living room?

    Do you know that IXXI sticks to the wall simply using the Tesa Powerstrips® included in the package? So you will not need any drill or tool to hang it on your wall !!!

    Available Sizes and Card Size
    Ixxi Almond Blossom Van Gogh is available in 2 Sizes: 100 x 80 cm and 160 x 120 cm, while each card that recreates the painting measures 20 x 20 cm.

    Synthetic Paper
    (Humidity, creases and UV rays proof)

  • This item is available in 2 sizes: 

    100 x 80 cm

    160 x 120 cm

    Each card that recreates the painting measures: 20 x 20 cm.

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