Liquid Black Aleppo Soap - Tadé

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 Black Aleppo Soap - Tadé

  • The only homemade Aleppo soap cleaner with natural and effective pumice stone powder exfoliating for the hands.
    Completely biodegradable and hypoallergenic, without danger to the environment and skin.

    The Aleppo soap is a product that is completely natural and ecological, and the testimonies of this product date back to 2500.C. in the city of Babylon.
    Aleppo Tade soap is a unique product.
    The quality of its manufacturing process, unchanged since ancient times, has made it famous all over the world.
    The authentic black soap is the result of the soap making handmade olive oil that takes place slowly in the cauldron with the addition of laurel oil rich in beneficial fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins.
    Very cheap, because very concentrated, is dedicated to many uses for the home.

    99,2% natural, ECOCERT certificate
    The products and the creations Tadé, are made according to the traditional soap of Aleppo and the art of the bathroom to the east, with the know-how of the Mediterranean (Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia...) in collaboration with artisans and local producers, respect for the quality of their work and in the interest of trade fair and lasting.

  • Suitable for house cleaning, textiles, pets, plants and mold removal.
    Without the addition of chemicals, artificial dyes, solvents or fragrances.

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