Marseille Soap for laundry with Sodium Bicarbonate - Tadé

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Size: Soap 250g

Marseille Soap with Sodium Bicarbonate (250g) - Tadé

  • The only soap in the sodium bicarbonate, certified ECOCERT Spotting universal : connects the efficiency of the baking soda (25%) to the delicacy of Marseille soap, cooked in the cauldron together with olive oil, Aleppo, excellent for cleaning, especially for grease and stubborn stains.
    Fantastic the smell of clean it leaves.

    100% of natural origin, without any chemical, colouring, solvent or conservative.
    Hypollergenic protects the skin also delicate and irritable.
    Obviously manufactured in Marseille.

  • Washing smoothing: moisten the fabric with cold water, clean the stain with soap and let act for a few minutes after rinsing with water or putting in the washing machine.

    Multi-use detergent: take the soap with the sponge, clean and rinse with cold water.

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