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Morbidotto Rug in Microfleece with Snowflakes Pattern - St. Vincent

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Size: Rug
Color: Natural

Morbidotto Rug in Microfleece with Heart Pattern - Daunex

  • Super Softand Ultra Warm Rug in Microfleece.  

    It comes with a beautiful Country print on one side and on the other side with a warm, agnellata finishing. It is perfect for resting on the sofa reading a good book or watching a romantic film in the Rug Size, as well as ensuring a lovely warmth to your Singleor Double Bed Size.

    Easy to wash in the washing machine!

    Available in 3 sizes: Rug, Singleand Kingand in 2 colours: Natural and Red

  • We offer the following sizes:

    Rug: 130x160cm
    Single: 150x200cm
    Double Bed Size: 240x200cm
  • This product's shipment usually takes place within seven working days.

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