Multipurpose Bag with Zip - Bayadère Grey and Yellow

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Multipurpose bag in Polypropylene with Zip - Orval


    Among the Indispensable, we present this Practical Multipurpose Bayadère Grey and Yellow that will accompany you for your expenses, trips to the beach or picnics in the mountains. Excellent for transporting your children's games, your laundry or simply used as a container. With its ultra-modern Striped Texture (Grey-Yellow) and its special design studied by hand in the Orval workshops, you can always carry it with you for every need and always keeping up with fashion!

    The bag is made of Cotton and Polyurethane and embellished with a zip closure, which makes it more comfortable and safe.

    From the French company Mathilde Creations, Orval was born, a brand that sells a series of objects and home furnishings, in a cheerful, colorful style, with touches of other times, revisited and modernized.

  • Bag Size: 38x38x18 cm

  • This product's shipment usually takes place within seven working days.

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