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Pure Merino Wool Rug - Ulisse

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Color: Ecru

100% Merino Wool Double-Face Rug in Solid Colors - Marzotto

  • Ulisse is a classic and timeless double-face Rug, made from pure fine Merino wool. Available in many vibrant shades, it is ideal to give a touch of liveliness to the home or to take on the road.


    A UNIQUE SOFTNESS "Fine Merinos virgin wool is one of the best qualities of wool, obtained from carefully selected flocks of Merinos sheep. This wool is very fine with a diameter of 21.5 microns - thousandths of a millimeter. The main characteristics are softness, thermoregulation and the great ability to absorb moisture. The finishing gives a soft hand and the packaging is very accurate. "

    Available in 3 colours:

    Blue (Positano), Grey, Brown, Yellow, Coral

  • We offer the following size:

    Rug: 130x180 cm
  • This product's shipment usually takes place within seven working days.

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