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Souspended Tent - Double Cacoon

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Colors: Light Grey

Suspended Tent - Cacoon World

  • Cacoon Double is an article with a unique and innovative shape, difficult to classify as versatile: a hanging tent, a hammock, a hanging armchair that wraps us up, an adventure companion during the holidays or for the children's bedroom. Or to furnish the relaxation area of ​​a spa or furnish the garden of a hotel or the solarium of a beach establishment or simply for your Living area.

    The CacoonWorld project was born from the inspiration of two Belgian spouses, Nick and Sarah. Accompanied by a trip to Mexico, during a jungle trek the couple came across a colony of weaving birds as they built their small hanging nests. The idea of ​​creating an object that was enveloping and comfortable took shape. CacconWorld is today an international reality that creates unique and immediately recognizable products: not only tents / hammocks, but also innovative sitting on the floor. All the products have in common the high quality of the materials and the wise and careful workmanship.

    Cacoon Double has the shape of a Tend, is open on one side and has the particularity of having to be installed suspended, to enjoy a pleasant view of our garden, to dive into the pool from an unusual point, for a moment of pampering with the our children. Just like the Weaver bird you too can hide far away, protected and Cacoonato, but still in contact with the surrounding environment.

    It's Aviable in 11 Colors:

    Natural White, Green Leaf, Orange, Blue, Red, Light Grey, Mole, Mimetic, Turquoise, Fucsia, Anthracite

  • Materials : Cotton and polyester, UV rays and Mold Resistant – Ring in Anodized aluminum - Nylon Rope - Carabiner: Alloy

    Sizes: Opened Ø 180 cm x H 150 cm - Closed : 25 cm x 80 cm

    Weight : 6 kg

    Characteristics : Suitable for interiors and exteriors : Sun resistant and weather. Minimum space required for installation: diameter on the ground Ø 190 cm x H 245 cm

    Maximum Load: 200 kg

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