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Souspended Tent - Double Cacoon Lullio

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Colors: Green Leaf

Suspended Tent - Cacoon World

  • The suspended circular hammock LULLIO DOUBLE is a soft suspended "nest" that will welcome us in moments of relaxation, fun with friends, when we want to read a book or just enjoy the nature of our garden and holiday location or reached the goal after a trek. Unlike traditional hammocks, to be fixed at both ends to a tree or other support, Lullio must be hung, so the support is unique and central, with the strings arranged in a radial pattern for total and secure support. Lullio is also equipped with a high edge, so as not to risk dropping objects or unbalancing them, so it is also perfect for children and teenagers. Due to the practical transport bag we can always take Lullio Double with us in our outlets. If in our garden there are no trees, no problem: the Lullio ropes can be fixed to balconies, ceiling beams and any other type of support that can support the weight and allow the rocking and the easy moment, so as to climb and descend with agility . We can cuddle up in Lullio Double with our children to read a fairy tale, with our friends to chat or why not alone to enjoy a relaxing moment in our favorite place.

    The CacoonWorld project was born from the inspiration of two Belgian spouses, Nick and Sarah. Accompanied by a trip to Mexico, during a jungle trek the couple came across a colony of weaving birds as they built their small hanging nests. The idea of ​​creating an object that was enveloping and comfortable took shape. CacconWorld is today an international reality that creates unique and immediately recognizable products: not only curtains / hammocks, but also innovative sitting on the floor. All the products have in common the high quality of the materials and the wise and careful workmanship.

    It's Aviable in 2 Colors:

    Green Leaf and Mole

  • Materials : Waterproof Canvas 285 g/m2: 35 % cotone &; 65% poliestere, Nylon Ropes (Resistence 1400 kg) – Rings in Anodized aluminum 6030 &; 6005 - Carabiner: Galvanized Steel (Resistance 720 Kg)

    Sizes: Ø 180 cm - Rope: Width 500 cm max. - Reorder Bag: Ø 25 x Height 80 cm - Ground Space for the istallation: Ø mini 190 cm / Ø ideal 255 cm - Request Height for the Istallation: Minimum Height 245 cm / Ideal Height 280 cm

    Weight : 6 kg

    Characteristics Suitable for Internal &; Esternal, waterproof canvas that resists weathering and UV Rays (UV50) - Anti-Mold Treatment

    Max. Weight supported: 200 Kg - Fixing System: 7 Shorts with Carabiner - delivered unassembled in Trasport bag (easy to Open and Close)

    Compatible with the Cacoon freestanding structure (Sold Separately) - Machine Wash (Cold Program) - Two Years Guarantee

  • This product's shipment usually takes place within seven working days.