Tablecloth in Pure Linen StoneWash NO IRON - Grafite

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Color: White
Beige (Corda)
Maroon (Valenza)
Light Grey (Prisma)
Dark Grey (Grisaglia)
Ash Grey
Size: 140x180 + 6 Napkins

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Tablecloth in Pure Linen 100% StoneWash NO IRON - Lisola

  • Beautiful 100% Pure Linen Tablecloth, StoneWashed and No Iron. This product is made of specially softened and modernized colour-wise fabrics. Resulting in a charming and soft outlook, the product is easy to wash and do not need to be ironed. The chromatic palette is obtained through the Garment Dye, a coloring process that gifts the linen with a natural colour, highlighting the qualities of the fabric.

    Available in 8 colours:

    White, Ivory, Beige (Rope), Dark Grey (Grisaglia), Amber, Maroon (Valenza), Light Grey (Prisma), Ash Grey

    This product can be washed in the washing machine up to 40°C.

    Available in 6 sizes

  • We offer the following sizes:

    Rectangular- 140x180 cm with 6 napkins

    Square- 180x180 cm with 8 napkins

    Rectangular- 160x230 cm with 8 napkins

    Rectangular- 180x270 cm with 12 napkins

    Rectangular- 180x320 cm with 14 napkins

  • This product's shipment usually takes place within seven working days. 

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