Terrycloth Cotton bath towel in Solid Colors

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Color: White
Cream (Ivory)
Beige (Beach)
Beige (Prealpi)
Brown (Riccio)
Dark Brown
Dove Grey (Taupe)
Rope (Damar)
Light Grey (Ostrica)
Intermediate Grey (Estadio)
Grey (Grisaglia)
Dark Grey
Light Pink
Pink (Incenso)
Ancient Pink (Margot)
Lavender (Radon)
Light Blue (Raid)
Light Blue (Polonia)
Blue (Positano)
Light Green (Irish)
Light Green
Green (Foresta)
Dark Blue-Green (Rayong)
Dark Green (Jungle)
Turquoise (Marine)
Yellow (Bergame)
Red Coral (Corallo)
Red (Valenza)
Black (Nero)

Cotton terrycloth Bath towel - Lisola

Bath Towel in pure terrycloth cotton - Solid Colour

The terrycloth is full-bodied, it weighs 530gr/m2and apart from being extremely soft to the touch, it is also highly absorbent. 

The Bath Towel size is 150x100 cm.

From the same manufacturing, it is also possible to purchase:

  • Terrycloth Setcomposed by a Face Towel (110x60 cm) and a Bidet Towel (60x40 cm)
  • Bathrobe*; Available in 4 Sizes ( S, M, L, XL ) 

It is available in 24 colours:

White, Crema (Ivory), Beige (Beach), Beige (Prealpi), Brown (Riccio), Rope (Damar), Light Grey (Ostrica), Medium Grey (Estadio), Dark Grey (Grisaglia), Light Green (Irish), Dark Blue-Green (Rayong), Pink (Incenso), Lavender (Radon), Light Blue (Polonia), Blue (Positano), Green(Foresta), Coral (Corallo), Dark Green (Joungle), Turquoise (Marine), Gold (Oro), Dove Grey (Taupe), Yellow (Bergame), Red (Valenza), Black (Nero)

*The Bathrobe is available in 10 colours. Click here to choose your favourite colour.