Thermoregulator Pure Cotton Duvet - Yeti

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Size: 200 x 200 (Single XL)

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Yeti Thermoregulator in Pure Cotton Duvet Suitable for Every Seasons

The Yeti Duvetis entirely made with Outlast Cotton, developed directly by NASA to mitigate changes in body temperature and humidity in the air.

Due to this particular characteristic of cotton, unlike the other Yeti Duvets, this is able to provide a thermally balanced rest without fluctuations that disturb sleep, providing a comfort zone suitable for every need.

The Yeti Duvet is composed of: one side completely in Outlast cotton and in the other side always in cotton.

The Filling is in refined Polyester.

It's Aviable in 3 Sizes and Weights:



155 x 200cm


200 x 200cm


250 x 200cm


Washing: It is water washable up to 40 ° C with a delicate program



Oeko-tex is a certification of the fabric that identifies it as hypoallergenic, without treatments with substances harmful to health, suitable for contact with sensitive skin.

Thermoregolation Tecnology: Developed by NASA to mitigate changes in body temperature and humidity.

New 100% Cotton Textile

Velfont has combined Outlast technology with a natural, soft, highly absorbent and breathable fabric, which is cotton.

Personal Comfort

It reacts to body temperature providing a personalized thermal comfort zone for each user.


Constant Microclimate

Provides a thermally balanced rest throughout the night, without the annoying fluctuations that disturb sleep.

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