Three-dimensional globe with names of City - Here

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Color: Yellow

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Cute three-dimensional globe to assemble with the names of City - Palomar

  • At first glance, Here looks like a two-dimensional planisphere, but in a few seconds it turns instead into a three-dimensional globe! The graphics enrich its refinement, the beautiful Cordenons paper with 35% cotton, printed with non-toxic inks, makes you understand what the world should be: delicate as a poem, simple and sophisticated, transparent to the point where we can always read our tracks on it.

    Palomar is an Italian company that designs and produces innovative products that can be used in everyday life.
    It produces useful and fun maps, globes that will decorate your space giving it a modern touch.

    If you are interested in the version with the names of the nations, click here.
    Or for the lunar version, click here.

    In the package as well as the instructions are included 50 pins to remind you of the places you visited.

    Available in two colours:
    Grey, Yellow

  • The three-dimensional globe has a diameter of:

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