Visco Form Piquè Memory Pillow

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Pillows Shape: Normal

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Memory hypoallergenic, breathable, anti-mite and ecological Pillow 

The piqué pillow is the entry level model of the Memory series. The pillow shares with the other models the shape memory polyurethane foam interior in "VISCO FORM" and the pure Cotton jersey pillow case with zip.

The difference lies in the covering pillowcase, which is made of 100% white Cotton, with piqué finishing. 

Also for this model, three different shapes are available.

- NORMAL: classic "soap" shape. Full-sheet memory foam interior.

Suitable for any position. Particularly suitable for those sleeping supine or on their side.

Internal measures: 42x73x13

- PERFORATED SHEET: classic "soap" shape. The perforated interior makes this pillow softer than the NORMAL pillow, satisfying even those who require a perfect support from a more tender pillow.

Suitable for any position. Particularly suitable for those sleeping supine or on thier side.

Internal measures: 42x73x13

DOUBLE:"double wave" shape. The special and specific and  shape of this pillow, combined with the characteristics of Memory foam, makes it the ideal choice for those who suffer from neck pain, as it helps to maintain the correct posture of the head and the spine.

Internal measures: 42x67 10.5 / 11 cm

All products are packed in ppl / TNT bag with zip closure. 

Description Materials and Properties of Pillowcases and Interior Visco Form:


The Memory Pillow, thanks to its complete adaptability, is a cutting-edge product, capable of self-modeling and adapting itself.

These effects are given by the thermosensitivity and shape memory that allow to react to body heat, in order to offer always adequate support. Its ability to adapt to the head and neck, returning afterwards to its original shape, guarantees an exceptional rest.


CoolMax offers excellent control of both skin temperature and hydration and dries in almost half of the time compared to other fibers.

Coolmax is cool, dry, comfortable and it realeses an immediate feeling of freshness. This fiber, which has found a broad application in the world of sport, is soft and light to the touch. It can also be machine washed.

The silver fiber, obtained from a layer of pure silver, is combined with a textile fiber to kick off a series of actions: Antimicrobial, antistatic, Irradiating and reflective, Anti Odor, Permanent effect.


The coating is in aloe vera, a material of natural origin, anti-mite, always fresh and more breathable than normal cotton.


An active ingredient acts on the fiber of the fabric, commonly used in toothpastes and mouthwashes, safe for the skin, responsible for the antimicrobial action. The active ingredient is part of the essential structure of the fiber that is continuously distributed in the superficial parts, maintaining the antimicrobial and antifungal action for a long time.

- Freshness that lasts over time
- Stop bad odor
- Antibacterial action
- Stop the dust mite
- Reduction of asthma and allergies

- No fungus in/on the fabrics


The chosen fiber is produced in uncontaminated areas of the planet and thanks to its hollow structure, it provides climatic properties to the fabric, such as excellent breathability and heat preservation: properties that offer a pleasant feeling of freshness during the sleep, even in the warm seasons.

The bamboo fiber is 100% biodegradable, antibacterial, natural deodorant, hypoallergenic, with a strong capacity of absorption and transpiration.


A particular molecular structure with surface alveoli provides softness and lightness to the touch. A very high degree of absorption for the natural and harmonious release of moisture. The particular structure of SENSOVEL offers a velvety 3D effect on the skin. 


Lino & Bamboo - FreshSensation is a natural fabric that embodies the noble properties of this two fibers, Linen and Bamboo. It is a transpiring and hygroscopic fabric that guarantees a pleasant sensation of freshness and comfort. It has a soft and pleasant touch.

It is particularly indicated for the treatment of allergies and in their prevention, thanks to both fibers that quickly eliminate moisture. It is a completely natural product.