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9 products by Hefel: the best of duvets and pillows

Over a century of quality and experience: this is the signature combo that characterizes the Austrian company Hefel, which has been active in the textile industry since as far back as 1907. It is a family-run business that has stood out for the excellence of its textiles and household linens, particularly for the bedroom, offering everything from the softest duvets to bed sheets and pillows.

Their bedding distinguishes itself by the use of valuable raw materials, primarily natural fibers, which assets are further enhanced by innovative treatments and techniques, like the anti-drip technology and BodyFit stitching that perfectly adapt to the body, ensuring optimal rest. This is complemented by orthopedic pillows,  ideal for those with special needs or cervical spine disorders.
Backed by the Oeko-Tex certificate, Hefel products guarantee comfort and quality.


Pure Bamboo

Duvet in Bamboo and Maize Fiber - Pure Bamboo

Filled with natural bamboo and corn fiber, this Hefel duvet possesses an exceptional property: its thermoregulatory effect ensures that you can rest at the ideal temperature throughout every season. The duvet is encased in 100% pure cotton satin, treated with Aloe Vera, and made even more comfortable thanks to BodyFit stitching.

With bamboo padding, moisture absorption is maximized, preventing uncomfortable excess sweating. Aloe Vera serves as an excellent natural anti-inflammatory and energy booster, making it perfect for tackling the day's tasks.

Also available in the Pure Bamboo collection is a pillowwith identical qualities, perfect for enjoying long nights of peaceful sleep.


Edition 101

Duvet in Natural Fiber Tencel - Edition 101

Edition 101 is an exceptionally eco-friendly duvet made of Tencel, a unique filling derived from Eucalyptus trees. This specific cellulose fiber is soft, lightweight, and breathable, effectively absorbing excess moisture while keeping the skin dry, thereby preventing the formation of dust mite colonies.

The duvet features a 100% cotton outer cover with BodyFit stitching, ensuring a snug fit that conforms to the body like a second skin, delivering a cozy and refreshing sleep experience.

Thanks to its reliability, Edition 101 has become one of the top-selling products in its category over the years.


Bio Hanf

Duvet in Organic Hemp and Cotton - Bio Hanf

This duvet has a soft filling consisting of 70% hemp and 30% organic cotton, creating a blend that naturally repels dust mites and bacteria.

Aligned with environmental sustainability policies, the duvet offers a thermoregulating effect and ensures a cool and breathable sleep experience, owing to the high quality of the organic raw materials utilized.

Additionally, the pillow from the Bio Hanf collection is available, specifically designed for individuals who prefer sleeping on their stomachs or backs.


Silk Dream

Duvet in Silk Tussah - Silk Dream

The Silk Dream duvet is distinguished by its exceptional tussah silk filling, a material as luxurious as it is perfect for uninterrupted nights of peaceful sleep.

Tussah silk is renowned for its durability, maintaining its quality even after extended use, while its superior moisture absorption and quick drying properties provide enhanced warmth compared to other fabrics.

With the Silk Dream duvet, you are assured of tranquil and cozy sleep, enveloped in the comforting embrace of warmth.


Wellness Zirbe

Duvet in Pure Merino Wool with Swiss Pine Shavings - Wellness Zirbe

The Wellness Zirbe duvet is filled with virgin Merino wool and stone pine shavings, providing remarkable softness and harnessing the beneficial qualities found in stone pine oils. These qualities include regulating sleep, harmonizing and enhancing overall well-being, and positively influencing sleep quality.

The pillow from the same collection is designed to suit all sleep positions, making it an ideal choice for everyone.


My neck

Pillow for Cervical Support in Pure Cotton - My Neck

The My Neck Pillow is an ergonomically designed product highly recommended by doctors and therapists to ensure correct support and comfort for the head, neck, and shoulders, promoting the well-being of the cervical area.

With side wings that stabilize the head and neck for supine sleepers and higher sides that wrap around for side sleeping, this pillow provides warmth and comfort. A gentle yet consistent pressure helps relax ligaments, joints, muscles, and nerves in the shoulders.