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How to make the bed? A guide for each type of bed

Making your bed every morning is a small but significant habit to start your day on a positive note. But how do you do it right, in just a few steps, depending on the type of bed you have?

Here are some tips to make your bed perfectly and start your day off right.


Pull the mattress cover tight

The first step that needs to be done carefully is to lay a well-stretched mattress cover with the corners tucked under the mattress. This prevents creases and wrinkles in the linens above. Ensure the corners are tucked in tightly so that the seams align with the top corners of the mattress and the elastic grips securely, reaching to the bottom edge of the mattress.


Bottom sheet, with corners or flat

Bottom sheet with corners in Pure Cotton Solid Color  - Tortona

Just like the mattress cover, the Bottom Sheet must be tightly stretched. If you have a fitted Bottom Sheet with corners, the technique is the same as for the mattress cover. However, the fabric may be less stretchy, so take your time to tuck it in. For a perfect fit, start tucking in the corners either at the head or foot of the bed, then pull the sides tight to prevent wrinkles.

If you have a flat bottom sheet, you'll need to create the corners yourself. Tuck the sides of the sheet about 30cm under the mattress to prevent it from slipping out. Secure the corners by folding the fabric diagonally, as if you were wrapping a package. Ensure an equal amount of fabric is tucked under each side and tension the fabric to eliminate any wrinkles.


Top sheet: hospital corners

How do you put the top sheet on? Which way does the pattern go? Well, for a perfect and elegant bed, the ruffle should be turned up with the pattern facing outward, clearly visible. In the corners at the foot of the mattress, the fabric should be left loose and tucked in only by the feet, so as not to block your movements while sleeping. Alternatively, if you prefer a stricter style, tuck in the corners and sides of the sheet for a barracks look. Be sure, in all cases, to eliminate creases. This method is called "hospital corners" because it is used in hospitals to prevent the sheet from shifting and to ensure the comfort and safety of patients.


Duvet cover

During the cold season, instead of the sheet, we can opt for a nice duvet, thus needing a Duvet Cover. Duvet Cover Sets are extremely comfortable and practical, although sometimes they have a drawback: the risk of the duvet cover being wrapped without the corners matching.

Fortunately, there is an easy remedy: grab the corners of the duvet cover bag on the starboard side from the bottom, bring them toward the open side so that you can tuck in and make the corner of the duvet and the reverse corner of the bag match. At that point, holding the corners firmly, let the fabric slide down the duvet, and with a couple of quick shakes, your Duvet Cover will be ready in no time. Tuck it in at the foot of the mattress and arrange the side fall according to your preference.

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Different methods for different types of beds

The method of making the bed varies depending on the type of bed you have, whether it's large, small, or a bunk bed. There are various methods and tricks you can utilize to simplify this task.

  • How to make the king bed: making the king bed perfectly by yourself is a tad more challenging than with assistance. Above all, make sure to distribute the side drops of the sheet or duvet cover well so that neither side of the bed is left uncovered with the first movement during sleep.
  • How to remake the bed attached to the wall: the best way to simplify the task and avoid crumpling or ruining what you've just done is to start by tucking in the corners of the bottom sheet, and before that, the mattress cover, beginning with those furthest from you and against the wall. The key is to avoid retracing your steps. It's unnecessary to lift the corners of the mattress and pull them toward you, curling them up a bit to assist you; it's better to ensure the items are securely fastened to the mattress than to wake up at night tangled in the sheet from underneath.
  • How to remake the bunk bed: similar to remaking a wall-attached bed, the advice is to start with the bottom bed and the corners furthest from you, then move to the top bed. Be extremely cautious when working while standing on the ladder, and utilize the perspective from below the mattress to your advantage: it will make it easier to ensure that the fabric is well tucked and evenly distributed on both sides.
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