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Autumn Color Analysis: how to decorate the room with your palette

Are you familiar with color analysis? Fall, WinterSpring and Summer: these are the categories into which this method identifies the palettes that best frame each person according to their colors and characteristics.

We all have colors that suit us more than others, that brighten us, but thanks to color analysis, the science of color, it is possible to identify a color palette that perfectly matches our nuances.

Color analysis is based on the theory of seasons: tone, undertone and overtone of the skin are the main indicators of which season we belong to, but eyes and hair can also help determine our undertone more accurately. The science of color can be applied to wardrobe, makeup, and even home decor.

Now that the days are getting shorter and the leaves are beginning to tinge in all shades of red and gold, it's the perfect time to find out what colors look good on Autumn people and how to make your room perfectly palette.

Color analysis Autumn: warm colors for a cold season

In color analysis, Autumn is a warm season, would you have guessed? Those who are autumn have a warm complexion undertone and an overtone tending toward yellow, so they have a complexion tending toward amber, and often have green, hazel, or brown eyes, while their hair varies in shades of brown, from honey or ash blond, to coppery, from caramel tones to mahogany and chocolate.

So far so easy, right? But it's not enough. Autumns shine in low intensity colors, with low average contrast and a value ranging from medium to dark.

What this means? That Autumns wear beiges and nudes, to be paired with deep, warm colors such as teal, petrol, rust and burgundy. These are rich, sumptuous shades with strong personalities, perfect for giving your decor a luxurious touch. Or, you can take advantage of the armorial colors of autumn to create a warm, comfortable and even a bit vintage atmosphere in your home.

The key to identifying autumn in color analysis is to think about the warm colors that transform the landscape this season: earthy tones, from maple red to mustard yellow, forest green, olive, as well as emerald and navy blue.

Each season in color analysis has its Trueor Absolute version, thus perfectly balanced according to its characteristics. Then there are the subcategories that define the palettes even better, with even significant variations between them; for Fall they are Deep, Warm and Soft.

Autumn Absolute

By what can an Absolute Autumn be recognized in armachromy? The colors in his palette respect the balance of the characteristics of his season, so he has an always golden or amber complexion, brown hair (undertone always warm) and hazel and honey eyes. He lights up with garments and in environments that enhance her colors, thus with a palette calibrated to intermediate, low-contrast and warm values: all orange shades, woody greens, browns and denser but less bright yellows, such as mustard and seitan; camel and sand colors are also perfect.

Suggested patterns for decorating a room in palette with an Absolute Fall are check prints on natural shades, tartans and houndstooth in nuances, animal prints (in warm colors, of course), and patterns that juxtapose colors in palette while maintaining low-medium intensity and contrast.


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Deep Autumn

The dark, or low, value is the distinctive attribute of the subcategory Deep Autumn. This means that while maintaining low-medium intensity and a warm undertone, the colors in this palette are dark (some overlap with the corresponding subcategory of the Winter season).

What characteristics do Autumn Deep people have? Dark skin with warm undertones, free of redness, matching dark brown irises and hair.

The Autumn Deep color analysis matches these people with the denser, deeper colors of the Autumn palette: from chestnut and oak browns, to purplish shades of burgundy, with a basic nuance of pink pepper or red valence.


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Warm Autumn

This is undoubtedly the warmest subcategory of the Autumn season: all its colors are medium bright and have a medium dark value (higher than Deep and Soft). People who belong to this subgroup are characterized by colors in nuance with tawny red: dark red hair, brown or dark green eyes, golden freckles, but a rather fair complexion.

A Warm Autumn person will stand out in an environment where terracotta, bronze, peach, tobacco, and of course moss green and teal shades prevail. Patterns in camel and beige shades are a perfect passepartout, which will add a touch of class to interiors.


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Soft Autumn

Here is the lightest group of the season, with many colors in common with Spring, but always identified by an amber undertone that is the hallmark of Autumn. Soft Autumn people have honey and golden highlights in their hair and eyes, with hazel and olive-green variations, plus very rare lucky ones that show a pure amber hue.

As the name implies, Soft Autumn is the softest and gentlest subgroup of the Autumn palette, the color analysis identifies its dominance in a low intensity, a light medium value and in the almost absence of contrasts in skin-eyes-hair combinations: such a homogeneous and soft aesthetic requires the agreement of an equally gentle palette. Delicate and therefore very sensitive, Autumn Soft suffers in the presence of colors that do not fit into its palette, fading and graying immediately.

Very susceptible to color shifts, Soft Autumns shine with beiges, camels, mustards, and olive green, teal, but can also rely on a rich range of peachy pinks and nudes. A palette that lends itself to sophisticated, minimal, romantic or shabby chic decor.


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