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4 season double duvets, the best choice to stay warm all year round

Why are 4 season duvets the best performing choice throughout the year? If you live in a generally cold place, where temperatures remain cool even in summer, or if, on the contrary, they fluctuate dramatically over the months, a 4 season goose duvet is definitely the best choice for you, both in terms of performance and affordability.
But let's take a step back. 


heat points: how warm does a goose duvet keep you?

The first question you need to ask yourself is: how much heat do you need?

Yes, because depending on what temperature you have in your bedroom, you will need a different type of duvet: that's where heat points come in.
When we talk about duvets, heat points are a kind of unit of measurement: a benchmark index to identify the temperature range within which the duvet should keep you warm.
On a scale of 1 to 5 heat points, we can identify 5 temperature ranges. The names of the corresponding duvet categories may vary according to the manufacturer (Extra Light, Light, Medium...), but generally this is the heat point scale:

  • 1 heat point: temperatures < 15°C
  • 2 heat points: temperatures < 18° C
  • 3 heat points: stable temperatures between 18°C and 21°C
  • 4 heat points: temperatures > 21°C
  • 5 heat  points: temperatures > 24°C

Check what temperature you have in your room, take into account how many hours you keep the heating on during the day, and identify the heat point that is right for you.


4-season double duvets: the year-round duvet

How does the 4-season duvet work?
The 4-Season Duvet is a modular duvet, consisting of two layers: a Light (with 2 heat points) and a Medium (with 3 heat points). Each of the two layers can be used as a stand-alone duvet, providing you with a versatile product that can be used year-round.
The two layers can be joined together using the provided buttons, thus composing a single duvet with 5 heat points, suitable for particularly cold temperatures.


Daunex Siberian 100% Down Duvet - Courmayeur Daunex Artic 100% Down Duvet - Lapponia


Four-season duvets should be chosen carefully according to the size of the bed.

The standard size of duvets is generally 250x220cm, corresponding to a standard double bed measuring 160x190cm. This is because in Italy we have the habit of calculating a side drop, that excess of duvet material that overhangs and covers the side of the mattress, even to the point of tucking it under it. In Germany, for example, the side drop is not considered instead, and mattresses and double duvets respond to different sizes, generally referred to by the standard "French" or "German."
In the case of more specific or alternative sizes, Lisolastore for example provides a tailor-made service for your duvets: 4-season double, French Warm, Medium single, etc.

Choose a 4-season double duvet to stay warm all year round!