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How are the garments dyed?

When you are looking for a product you may come across the terms garment dyed or yarn dyed, which may confuse you in your choice. In this article, we will explain some of the processes of dyeing and decorating fabrics, so as to help you choose the right products for you!


Garment dyeing

When we talk about garment dyeing we refer to the dyeing process applied to the already made-up garment, this is done by immersing it in a tub of colored pigments or in special washing machines. The dyeing is usually done with white or raw state garments to prevent other colors from affecting the final result.

Garment dyeing allows the garment to be dyed uniformly and is therefore particularly suitable for obtaining special customizations since the dyeing can be adapted to specific needs.

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Yarn dyeing

Yarn dyeing involves dyeing the threads before they are used to form the fabric. In this case, it is the threads themselves that are dipped in the dye before they are used to form the fabric and this gives them a special resistance to fading; even if the fabric becomes damaged, the dyeing remains uniform.

This method makes it possible to achieve uniform and lasting coloration because the dyeing extends through the entire thread structure. In addition, the greatest advantage of yarn dyeing is that of the possibility of creating fabrics with distinctive designs ranging from simple stripes to truly complexly styled designs.

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Printing is a process that takes place on the ready-made garment, similar to garment dyeing. There are many different printing processes, the most common of which include screen printing, roller printing, and digital printing; each method has specific characteristics that vary depending on the desired final effect, the type of fabric, and production requirements.

The advantages of printing lie in its great versatility, which allows the creation of garments with customized designs, and in its repeatability and precision.

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