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Furnishing the guest bathroom: ideas and tips

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In this short guide, we will give you some useful tips for furnishing the guest bathroom, also called half bathroom, in a functional yet original way.

Before we begin, let's understand what is meant by a guest bathroom. There are different types of bathrooms that differ in size and sanitary ware inside.

  • Full Bathroom: has all the components (toilet, shower, sink and bathtub or bathtub/shower combination). It is the bathroom that is used daily and therefore has everything that can be used for everyday needs.
  • Three-Quarter Bathroom: has a bathtub or shower, sink and toilet. It is somewhat smaller than the full bath and is what is most commonly found in today's homes that do not allow large rooms.
  • Half Bathroom: has only the sink and toilet and is usually located near the entrance or common areas so that it is conveniently accessible to guests. It contains no personal items, only those useful for the short stay.

In this article we will focus on the guest bathroom and what is the best way to furnish it and make the little space the best use!

A small bathroom that looks big

A very useful trick for decorating the half bathroom and, in general, small rooms, is to make it look bigger than it actually is.

Light, bright colors such as white, beige or light gray are a great way to help create a fresh atmosphere and give a sense of spaciousness. Also, choose large tiles, if you are planning od use them, and avoid visible joint lines as much as possible.

The use of large mirrors, perhaps above the sink, increases the depth perception of the room by ideally expanding the space.

Decor should be minimalist, reduce furnishings and accessories and limit the amount of furniture to essentials and choose hanging ones so light can flow more freely around the room. 

Flowing spaces for greater comfort

In small rooms, the risk of accidentally bumping into some piece of furniture is always (literally) around the corner.

Choose custom-made furniture if you can, which will fit perfectly into the available corners and spaces, to optimize the area to the best advantage. In this case, the hanging furniture we have already recommended, corner shelves and multifunctional furniture can be useful.


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The principle is the same as that used in the design of large urban areas: develop buildings upward to take up less space around them.

Wall shelves and hanging cabinets can be used to store useful items while also helping to maintain order in the room; containers and baskets hanging on the wall can be useful for holding small items or keeping toilet paper in a reachable place.

Hang towels near the sink using hooks and avoid towel racks to save space and give your bathroom a more whimsical feel.


The quality to be a great hostess.

Impress guests with a well-appointed bathroom and soft, classy towels.

Invest in quality by choosing towels with a high grammage that are soft and very absorbent, but remember to look at design as well. Opt for matching towels that harmonize with the style and colors of the bathroom; details are what can give that extra touch of elegance, choose special finishes and textures that give a nice feel to the touch.

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