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How to choose a duvet?

How to choose a duvet for the bed? By taking into account some basic criteria, such as technical characteristics including strength, degree of warmth and composition.
Here is a useful vademecum to best guide you in your purchase.


Ensuring the ideal microclimate

One of the peculiarities of a duvet is that it is able to create a comfortable microclimate, allowing a constant temperature to be maintained every time you lie down.
Contrary to what you may think, it is not the heaviness of the duvet that is decisive in maintaining the ideal microclimate, but rather the combination of softness, lightness, strength and breathability.

The ideal duvet should be composed of 100% goose down flakes, which is the most valuable part of the down cluster.

Due to its unique composition, the duvet allows it to absorb the moisture present under the covers, then dispersing it into the environment.
Our suggestion is to always carefully read the label of the product you intend to buy, to realize the material you are buying and assess the value for money. 


How to choose a duvet based on the degree of warmth

One of the characteristics of the ideal duvet is its ability to provide constant warmth throughout the night.
Not in all contexts, however, it is necessary to be warm to the fullest under the covers.
In order to make it easier for buyers and suggest how to choose the most suitable duvet for their needs, there is one very important parameter to check and that is the warmth point.

Commercially available duvet have a warmth point that varies on a scale from 2 to 5, proportional to the intensity with which they are able to warm.

Heat Point Duvets

It is clear that, in a home where the heating is kept on high all the time or in any case in a setting where the climate is mild, one will lean toward a duet with a warmth point that is not high, while where outside temperatures are colder, one will opt for a duvet with a higher warmth point.


How long does a duvet last?

What is the average lifespan of a duvet? If kept in optimal condition, a duvet can last up to 10 years.
To reach this milestone, however, care and attention must be given to the product.
For example, in order to preserve softness and breathability, two essential features of the ideal duvet, some useful precautions need to be taken, such as avoiding exposure to direct sunlight, laying it completely open to ensure proper ventilation, and do not vacuum it at all.
If you wash it in the washing machine, moreover, you must remember not to exceed 40° temperature and 1,000 rpm, while dry cleaning is not recommended, which could damage the feathers in the filling.


Cleaning the duvet

In order to clean the duvet, it is not necessary to go to the laundry, if you already have at home a washing machine that can adequately hold it (in fact, it must be taken into account that a duvet, although soft and light, has a considerable volume and perhaps it is difficult to fit it into the drum of some models of washing machine) and - it would be ideal - a specific washing program, so that it can be cleaned effectively without causing damage of any kind.
In addition to washing, a particularly important and delicate step in the cleaning of the duvet is drying, which must be completely even, so as to ensure the homogeneity of the filling over the entire surface.
Always remember to carefully read the washing and drying directions on the label.


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