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How to choose the best hypoallergenic duvets

What makes duvets hypoallergenic? Those with allergies to house dust and dust mites often think that goose duvets and quilts are a risk to their health and quality of sleep due to allergies. But this is not the case!
Products filled with goose down, but also with microfiber (or alternative organic fibers), are hypoallergenic and mite-free. Let's see together how to choose the best hypoallergenic duvets.


What is a mite?

Mites are microorganisms invisible to the naked eye, they are everywhere in our homes and lurk in dust, particularly in humid and warm environments.
There are materials in which mites do not nest, either because they are too dense (this is the case with INLETT cotton, we shall see), or because they do not, from the outset, constitute an ideal element for their habitat. Hypoallergenic duvets are therefore mite-proof and an optimal solution for avoiding allergic reactions and still staying warm during the winter. "Antiallergenic" can also indicate other properties than mite-proof, such as materials colored with substances that are especially delicate for sensitive skin.


Hypoallergenic Duvets

Hypoallergenic and mite-resistant Duvets fall into two main categories, both of which are valid, but with distinctions in both price and composition. Let's see which ones.

Goose down duvets: extremely healthy as they are made entirely from natural, premium-quality materials. Goose down filling does not cause allergic reactions due to the dense, layered structure that does not allow mites to pass through. They are also breathable and insulating and do not create a hot and humid environment under the blankets.
One tip for optimizing the hypoallergenic and mite-resistant properties of your duvets each day is to leave the bed "unmade" for a few hours after you get up, even better with the bedroom window slightly open. This will allow the bottom sheet and duvet to air out, further dispersing the heat and moisture released from your body during the night and thus making your bed an inhospitable environment for dust mites.
Kauffmann 100% Down Duvet - Comfort  Daunex Siberian 100% Down Duvet - Luxury

Daunex Siberian 100% Down Duvet - Courmayeur

Kauffmann 100% Down Duvet - Comfort

Daunex Siberian 100% Down Duvet - Luxury


Eco-friendly duvets: made from alternative fibers. There are excellent hypoallergenic duvets made from microfiber, or from organic materials, but they still provide quality, comfort, and hypoallergenic and mite-resistant performance.

  • One of the most innovative materials is definitely TENCEL® fabric: a natural cellulose fiber, produced from Eucalyptus trees. Soft, lightweight and breathable, it absorbs excess moisture while leaving the skin dry, preventing the growth of bacteria and dust mites. It also absorbs moisture 50% more than cotton.
  • For Cotton aficionados, there is the INLETT Fabric: a cotton processing that ensures that the warp and weft are so tight that mites cannot nest inside the garment, being in fact tighter than the size of these unwelcome guests that can cause discomfort of various kinds.
  • There are HEFEL's innovative organic hemp duvets, which are characterized by high thermoregulatory power and special environmental sustainability. Raw materials are harvested according to controlled organic farming systems and without the use of pesticides and fertilizers, thus complying with current regulations. These bed quilts are suitable for all seasons because the hollow fibers of hemp ensure special thermal capabilities that make it one of the warmest plant fibers available in nature. Finally, and most importantly, the bitter substances in hemp fiber have an antibacterial and mite-controlling effect.
Recycled fiber down duvet - Aerelle Blue
 Hypoallergenic Duvet 95° - Wash Duvet in Silk Tussah - Silk Dream

Recycled fiber down duvet - Aerelle Blue

Hypoallergenic Duvet 95° - Wash

Duvet in Silk Tussah - Silk Dream


Certifications of the best hypoallergenic and anti-mite duvets

How to safely choose a hypoallergenic duvet? If you want to be sure you are buying a first-rate hypoallergenic duvet, check that it has at least two of these certifications, which are recognized in the Italian and international markets:

  • Nomite: this is an international certification that is awarded after rigorous scientific testing and analysis. Nomite-certified products are especially suitable for people who are allergic to household dust; they are mite-proof and anti-asthmatic.
  • Antimite treatment: this special treatment creates a natural barrier against dust mites normally found in beds.
  • Natural Mite Barrier: this certification is awarded only to those mite-proof tightly woven fabrics that prevent mites from penetrating the fabric. For example, Daunex uses only "Natural Mite Barrier" certified fabrics.
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification: a certification that attests, by conducting specific tests, that the fabric is free of chemicals harmful to the user's health. This is an especially important qualification when you are choosing a duvet for people prone to skin irritations and allergies, and in general for children, whose skin is naturally more delicate.
  • Respect Animal Welfare: if you are leaning toward choosing a goose down duvet, we recommend that you always check that the product carries this certification, which states that the duvets were made with full respect for animals. In these cases, the goose down used comes only from certified farms that guarantee that the geese are not mistreated.