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SNURK, bedding for children who dream big

SNURK was born in Amsterdam from a simple idea and quickly evolved into a company that brings joy to children, encouraging them to dream big both at night and during the day. With their imaginative and high-quality bedding designs, SNURK transforms bedtime into an adventure, sparking creativity and fostering a sense of wonder in young minds.


A simple idea

Duvet Cover Set in Pure Cotton with Digital Print - Mermaid

In 2007, Peggy van Neer, together with her husband Erik van Loo, pursued their own idea: a duvet cover featuring a cardboard box print named Le-Clochard, with the goal of raising awareness about the increase in youth homelessness and raising funds for Stichting Zwerfjongeren Nederland, an association that supports and helps homeless youth.

The success of this initiative led Peggy and Erik to establish the company SNURK, specializing in bedding with realistic prints aimed at representing children's dreams.

Utilizing high-resolution photographs, SNURK creates a line of unique and exclusive products designed to accompany children both day and night. These products serve as reminders that children can aspire to become whoever they want to be, thanks to the high-quality images crafted by the team.

But it doesn't stop at just bedding! The duvet covers also transform into actual toys, providing space for toy cars and other playthings to inspire new and captivating stories. Additionally, there are adorable animal designs ready to become the perfect companions for children throughout the night.


Quality materials and respect for the environment

The cotton used by SNURK is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and Oeko-Tex certified, ensuring high ecological standards and rigorous control over raw materials. The cotton is combed to prevent impurities and lint, and the high thread count, reaching up to 220 for some products, guarantees the quality of the bedding.

One of SNURK's main objectives is to produce consciously, minimizing waste. Therefore, all unsold products from the previous season are repurposed into new forms, such as bags or garments.

Duvet Cover Set in Pure Cotton with Digital Animal Print - Teddy Duvet Cover Set in Pure Cotton with Digital Print - Clay Traffic Duvet Cover Set in Pure Cotton with Digital Print - Astronaut