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Tips for decorating your home for Valentine's Day

To celebrate Valentine's Day in the best possible way, choosing a gift is not enough; creating the right atmosphere at home is sometimes just as important. In this guide we'll give you some tips for making your home a cozy and romantic place, ideal for a special evening with your partner.


In the kitchen

Preparing a great dinner for your partner requires special attention to detail, particularly in terms of table settings and tableware. These elements should reflect the effort and affection you put into preparing dinner. Start by selecting a tablecloth; by choosing a white one you can play with colors and match colorful napkins, in shades of red or pink, and plates decorated with elegant patterns.

As an alternative to the tablecloth, runners and placemats are a great alternative that allows you to play with the composition of the table. In the center, place a vase with fresh flowers and add rose petals or small red hearts around it. If you have a chalkboard or bulletin board, write a message of love for your partner, or prepare a card to place next to the plate.

To complete the atmosphere, use scented candles to light when the lights are low, creating the right intimacy. Don't forget to create a playlist with your favorite songs to add a romantic musical touch to the evening.

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In the bedroom

Creating the right atmosphere for Valentine's Day in the bedroom is an easy task with the right steps.

Start by choosing soft, warm bedding, sheets and duvet covers in shades of white, red or pink. Match soft pillows with pillowcases of similar colors or romantic prints. Adding blankets or bedspreads can give that extra touch that will make the bedroom even cozier.

Create soft lighting using candles and from small light spots scattered around the room to set the right mood. In addition to the traditional vase of flowers, place personal items in the room that have special meaning to you and your best photos, adding a touch of coziness and shared memories.

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In the bathroom

There is nothing like a relaxing bath just after returning home to forget the day's problems. To make the bathroom even more special in the run-up to Valentine's Day evening, you can focus on some decor choices and details that will create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere.

Choose soft colors such as white and pink, play with these shades on all bathroom linens from the most classic towels, to the bathrobes. Consistency in color choice will help create a cozy and harmonious atmosphere.

Buy bath salts and scented aromas that will help create an enveloping atmosphere. You can also arrange for a selection of body care products, such as moisturizers, face masks, or scented oils.

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