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Bedding: what it consists of and how to choose it

It is well known that the quality of sleep profoundly affects our mental and physical health and that sleeping well is most important for our well-being.

However, to influence the level of comfort when sleeping, it is not only the comfort of the mattress that intervenes. Bedding also plays its role, helping to increase nighttime well-being.


Tips for choosing bedding

Aim for quality. Don't assume that buying bedding on sale is always cheap. If the fabric is of poor workmanship, it will most likely fade or be ruined after a few washes resulting in having to buy a new one. Of course, if you are sure of the quality of what you find on offer, take advantage of it!

Make sure of the measurements. Regardless of the specific item of bedding, the starting point is always the same: the size of the mattress. The standard length, with the exception of children's beds, is always the same and is 190/200 cm in length. What varies, of course, is the width. Specifically:

  • if you need twin bedding, the standard bed measurements are generally 80/90 cm wide;
  • in the case of double bedding, remember that the standard bed width is 120 cm;
  • for a the queen mattress, which is somewhere between a double and a king, the standard size is 140 cm wide;
  • if, on the other hand, you are looking for king bedding, the standard bed width is 160/180 cm.

Take into account the season and temperature. In the variety of fabrics and materials in bedding you certainly need to take into account the season, the temperature of the room, and your level of tolerance to heat and cold. Linen sheets, for example, are certainly best suited for the summer period.


What does the bedding consist of?

Sheet sets, duvet cover sets, plaids and blankets. These are just some of the items that are part of the universe of linens that dress your bed.

Duvet Cover Sets

Duvet Cover Set in Cotton Satin Doubleface - Mirror The duvet cover is a very convenient and useful item for protecting the duvet from wear and tear and from stains and dust, thus extending its durability. Since it is easily machine washable along with the sheets, it can be changed whenever the need arises thus also renewing the style of the bedroom. Again, cotton is preferred, but linen and microfiber are also widely used.



Duvet in Recycled fiber - Aerelle Blue Duvet is an essential element of bedding since it is what insulates from the cold during the night without excessive weight, which is also why it is important to choose the right one. The finest duvets are filled with goose feathers and offer warmth and softness, but for those looking for more ethical choices there are several types of organic and hypoallergenic fillings, such as those made of bamboo or Tencel. Duvets are available in different grammages that indicate the weight and insulation provided; to choose the right one, it is important to take into account room temperature and personal comfort.


Sheet Sets

Sheet Set in StoneWashed Pure Cotton - Senna Bed sheets play a very important role in the world of linens as they are in direct contact with the skin and help regulate body temperature during the night. Cotton is often considered the best choice for bedding because it is breathable, soft and durable; however, other fabrics such as linen with its freshness and silk, which is gentle and absorbent, are also good alternatives.



Bedspread Reversible in Pure Linen Solid Color - Zeff The quiltsis a decorative element of the bed usually made of lightweight materials such as cotton, linen or silk. It has a primarily decorative and protective function for the bed, but can be used during autumn and spring over the sheets to warm up without overdoing it. The choice of quilts depends on personal aesthetic taste and the style of the bedroom and can be based on color, pattern or texture.


Bedspreads (or mezzeri)

Bedspread in Pure Linen printed Floral Patterned  - Kactus Like quilts, bedspreads have a decorative and protective function for the bed, but they can also be used as furniture since they can be hung or used to cover the sofa. These bedspreads are called mezzeri and have a long history behind them that weaves together Italian and Eastern traditions, resulting in colorful and original decorations.



Plaid in Boiled Wool Solid Color - Giusy Blankets represent perhaps the most classic of bedding items. Synonymous with sleep and relaxation, there are many types in terms of material (such as wool, fleece, cotton) and in different colors and patterns. Blankets are perfect for warming up while on the sofa or can be used to decorate the bedroom or living room, so choosing the right blanket requires looking at both materials and design.



Pillow in Organic Hemp and Cotton - Bio Hanf Pillows are among the most important items among bedding as it contributes greatly to a comfortable and restful sleep. The choice of pillow depends on personal preferences first and foremost, but also on the position in which one sleeps and any medical needs. For example, if one sleeps on the side, it will be preferable to use a higher pillow, while for those who sleep on their back, a pillow to support the neck will be more comfortable.



Pillowcase in Pure Cotton Solid Color - Tortona Pillowcases have, like the duvet covers, a protective function since they preserve the pillow from dust and bacteria. They can be changed easily and washed in the washing machine with the sheets, thus allowing you to always renew the style of the bedroom or living room in the case of decorative pillows. For bed pillowcases, the same style and material is preferred as for sheets, so cotton, linen, or silk, while for decorative pillowcases the choice is wider as it is design that takes precedence over comfort.


Bottom sheets

Bottom sheet with corners in Pure Cotton Solid Color  - Tortona The bottom sheet is always included and combined with the top sheet in the case of sheet sets or duvet cover sets, but it can also be purchased separately since it is often the garment that wears out most easily. This is a type of sheet designed to fit snugly over the mattress because of the elastic corners to protect it and prevent it from slipping off during the night. The materials used are usually the same as for bed sheets, so cotton, linen and silk.